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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

We provide a warranty card along with our watches/clocks wherein lies the specifications of the warranty period and is limited to watchmela  products purchased in India. The warranty covers free services for manufacturing defects during the warranty period for watches and clocks. The nominal warranty period, unless otherwise stated in the warranty card that comes along with the purchase is 2 years from date of invoice and covers all manufacturing defects except for exclusions as described here below. Out of warranty products shall be repaired on a chargeable basis.

Free repairs to the watches, the period of warranty provided and subject to the following terms:

  • 1. Warranty is available only to the original buyer and not to the subsequent buyers, even if such sale/purchase has taken place within the warranty period.
  • 2. The watch or clock with manufacturing defect is presented to our authorized dealer or service center for repairs. It is sent properly, post paid along with proof of purchase and the warranty card filled in with the buyer’s details. The warranty card will be accepted only if the barcode, date of purchase, invoice, dealer’s signature and stamp are present therein.
  • 3. Watchmela is concerned about redeeming unsuccessful transactions. Repairs of watches or clocks are carried along using genuine parts or reconditioned/replacement parts and are duly tested before delivery to the buyer.
  • 4. Replacement of the clock or watch will happen within the warranty period provided under the following conditions. If the product is not covered by exclusions, if the timepiece isn’t repairable and unless and until the authorized service center certifies in a written report that the product is eligible for replacement.
  • 5. Owner of the watch or clock must be careful with packing. Customers must especially include the invoice and warranty card in original and a written letter stating the nature of defect. The owner, if unavailable can send through courier to the nearest service station providing still the necessary documents.
  • 6. The decision of the authorized company service shall be final and binding. 


However, it is important to note that the warranty has certain exclusions. Damage or defect caused by water, improper use, mishandling, negligence or damage during transport, batteries, band, strap, glass and case, discoloration, scratches and fading of printed lettering, damage due to earthquake, fire, floods and other natural causes, intentional damage or terrorist attack are not covered by the warranty.